Why Buy Local

Locally grown and raised foods allow you to:

  • Eat fresher, better tasting, and healthier food
  • Help your farming neighbors stay in business
  • Sustain our rural heritage
  • Protect the natural beauty of the mountains by preserving farmland.
  • Encourage sustainable, environmentally-friendly agricultural practices.
  • Strengthen the local economy.

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Here's how to find local food:

  • Visit the Local Food Guide and find participating grocery stores and restaurants, tailgate markets, CSAs, and businesses that buy local.
  • Look for the Appalachian Grown label, a symbol displayed with farm products grown or raised in Western North Carolina and the Southern Appalachian Mountains.
  • Ask restaurants where they get the food they serve and grocery stores where they get their produce. If it wasn't grown locally, let them know you value freshness, good taste and local family farms.