About Busy Bee's Honey

BUSY BEE'S HONEY started out as a gift of one NUC in 2006. It has expanded into a very enjoyable hobby that has grown to more than 60 hives. The first few seasons, we gave honey to family and friends, but soon it had grown into the market it is today.

The first crop of the season we refer to as our Wildflower Honey. This is a great all around honey with a delightful taste. It is light and fruity and has many uses from cooking to toast, coffee or tea, or whatever your imagination desires. It is made from nectar from Maple, Clover, Holly, Tulip poplar and other sources that are available in our area early in the season.

In mid-June the Sourwood Trees come into bloom. This nectar is used to produce a very unique honey that is thought of as “premium” because it is only available in limited areas in and near the Appalachians. It has a caramel-like buttery flavor that people love, and there is an extensive list of foods people enjoy this honey on. This we refer to as our Sourwood Season Honey, and it is available beginning in early August.

We have honey for sale from mid-June throughout the Summer and early Fall or as long as the supply lasts. This honey is harvested using only food grade stainless steel equipment and food grade plastic containers to ensure its quality.


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3959 Statesville Rd
North Wilksboro NC
(Wilkes County)

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(Wilkes County)

Phone (336) 984-6883
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Jane Roe
Phone: (336) 984-6883
Cell: (336) 838-7812
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Near intersection of NC 115 & US 421 (exit 282). South on 115, one mile on the left. Look for the Busy Bee's Honey sign.

Our store is open from June 12, 2019 to October 31, 2018.

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