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The best there is--55 years experience! Made with compost from 7 organic manures, leaf mold, biochar, seaweed and JPI Biodynamic Preps. Enjoy gardening from the microbial level for the biggest, healthiest and fastest growing plants possible! Specially blended Composted Garden Soil with a large array of ingredients from nature so you get a toxin-free, nutrient-dense growing medium to give your plants and vegetables a broad mineral and nutrient spectrum. The healthier your soil, the healthier you will be! You won't find bags of living soil like this in garden centers. Our soil is rich, black and alive with healthy soil microbes, hyphae fungi, beneficial nematodes and all the good stuff to make your plants happy and healthy! Due to the potential for damaging or killing microbes and earthworms, our garden soil is not subjected to damaging processing which traditionally includes grinding, screening and/or baking at high temperatures so it can be stored in bags for long periods of time. We mix and turn our soil many times and pick out debris by hand to treat microbes and earthworms with tender loving care. We may sometimes miss some debris (sticks, stones, etc.,) but feel this is a happy trade-off to have living soil with happy, healthy microbes. Soil sold in garden centers is dead due to processing and baking, otherwise it would rot and smell after being stored for long periods in plastic bags. That is why we request several days' notice so we can provide fresh bags for you. We make every effort to provide the cleanest, healthiest soil possible. All our ingredients are in their natural state as nature intended good soil to be. We never add ingredients from dumpsters, unknown yard waste, GMO vegetable waste, MUSHROOM COMPOST (which contains fungicides and is not approved by Demeter/certifications), restaurants which may contain toxins, diseases, chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides, cardboard or compostable containers which have no nutritional value and may contain processing chemicals. There is a difference in soil and compost--those that are made to merely get rid of garbage and those that are made to be as nutritionally complete as possible. Our finished soil is a 100% nutrient-dense growing medium, not top soil. You can plant straight into it with nearly 100% germination rate for starting seeds. Every batch is tested for seed-starting and growing on. It is not diluted with other soil or topsoil. Always mulch or top fabric your garden to preserve moisture, protect microbes and stop weed seeds from sprouting! Weed seeds that land on bare soil will germinate just as easy as vegetables and flower seeds. For tomatoes that require no spraying or covering and resist diseases, use straight composted Garden Soil as a 12 inch by 12 inch base for each plant. We have not lost tomatoes to blight or wilt in WNC in over 20 years and get an average of 30 days longer season. Our family started creating our garden soil in the 1950's and we have grown our own food for health benefits since then, never failing to have a large vegetable garden each year and award-winning flowers and landscaping. We are happy to share our fine Garden Soil and good health with you! AS ALWAYS, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! GREAT FOR STARTING SEEDS AND CONTAINER GARDENING, TOO! For more information on Scheduled Customer Days/Appointments, Delivery, Directions for Use, Measurement calculations-- just ask. AVAILABLE YEAR-ROUND. DELIVERY AVAILABLE Just request our Delivery Information Form (along with Do-It-Yourself Info) DRIVE-THROUGH, LARGE DUMP TRUCK-SIZE LOADING RAMP! 1/2 SCOOP (490 lbs): $80--Tax Included SCOOP (980 lbs): $160 --Tax Included One Scoop is equal to 21 Cubic Feet Don't forget to bring a tarp and bungies if you are picking up a truck or trailer load. EMAIL FOR HOURS AND DIRECTIONS: [email protected] WEBSITE:


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Just email us for our Customer Day Schedule to pickup Frog Holler Helper organic composted garden soil. Appointments required for visits other than Customer Days. WE ARE OPEN CUSTOMER DAYS IN THE SPRING AND BY APPOINTMENT. EMAIL FOR CUSTOMER DAY SCHEDULE AND DIRECTIONS. [email protected]

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